Deluxe Compliance Package
Deluxe Compliance Kit

Part Number: COMPDLX  20 Gallon Spill Clean-Up Kit (SCK-20). Deluxe Sign package (SIGNDLX). 2-Channel Deluxe Gas Monitor bundled with one direct contact LEL sensor and calibration kit (HYD-2C-LEL). 4 Acid resistant Aisle Mats. 16 gallon Eye wash station (EYE-16).

Standard Compliance Package
Standard Compliance Kit

Part Number: COMPSTD   14" x 13 " x 30" Spill Response Cabinet (CAB-SRS). Standard Sign Package (SIGNSTD). Standard Hydrogen Gas Monitor (HYD-S). 2 Acid Resistant Aisle Mats. 16 gallon eye wash station (EYE-6).

Economy Compliance Package
Economy Compliance Kit

Part Number: COMPECO  5 Gallon Spill Clean-Up Kit (SCK-5). NFR Sign (SIGN-NFR). Danger sign (SIGN-BTRM). Eye wash sign (SIGNEYEWSH). 9 Gallon Eye wash (EYE-9).

VRLA and FDNY Options Available

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