Be prepared for anything with eye wash stations in a variety of sizes and formats. Smaller self-contained eyewashes are rugged and easy to install making them perfect for remote plant areas. And don't forget to clearly mark your eye wash station with bright and visible signs.

Disposal Container Cart for Eyewash


Allows easy collection of used eyewash flusing fluid. For use with Fendall Porta Stream I, II, II and Fendall

Eyewash 6 Gallon


6-Gallon wall-mount eyewash station w/antibacterial solution and sign.

Eyewash 9 Gallon


9-Gallon wall-mount eyewash station w/antibacterial solution.

Eyewash FA2000


100% Sterile Portable Emergency Eyewash. Comfort features, ergonomic design, and an alarm system help ensure compliance with ANSI 15-minute requirement.

Eyewash PF1000 Cartridge


Preserved, buffered, pH balanced, saline solution. Cartridge takes less than 5 minutes to install. Available for the Fendall Pure Flow 1000.


Eyewash Pureflow 1000


The Fendall Pure Flow 1000 emergency eyewash station delivers the required 15 minutes of flushing with a preserved, buffered, saline solution that is superior to tap water for emergency eye care. No plumbing required! Available with standard or 100% sterile saline eyewash solution.

Eyewash Replacement Bottle


32-oz Eyewash Saline Replacement Bottle.

Eyewash Station, 16-Gal, wall-mounted


16-Gallon wall-mount eyewash station w/antibacterial solution.

Personal Eyewash Station


Personal eyewash station with two 32oz bottles.



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