Box of 20: Deluxe Dual Certified FM Approved UL Recognized Neutralizing & Absorption VRLA Pads

For use with any lead-acid battery, Protects equipment and reduces the spread of leaking battery acid, Eligible for Nationwide Pillow Replacement, Recycling, and Buyback Program

$390.00 - $536.00
Deluxe Battery Room Sign Kit
Deluxe Battery Room Sign Kit

NFR Chemical Hazard Identification, DANGER Battery Room, DANGER Hazardous area, Emergency Eye Wash Station, DANGER No Smoking, DANGER High Voltage

FDNY Safety Sign Kit
FDNY Safety Sign Kit (5 signs)

Part Number: SIGN-FDNY

FDNY Safety Sign Kit (5pc) per New York City Fire Code 2.3.6

Spill Clean Up Kit, 20 Gallon
Spill Clean Up Kit, 20 Gallon

Kit includes: 20-Gallon D.O.T. container, 3 neutralizing & absorbing pads, 2 neutralizing & absorbing SOCs, 2 pairs of Tyvek full body coveralls, 2 headgear/face shields, 2 goggles, 2 pairs of rubber gloves, 2 disposable respirators, 2 hazmat disposal bags, 20 absorbent wipes, 1 scoop and brush, 1 roll of duct tape, 1 pH test kit, 1 emergency response guide book, 10 lbs. NuetraSorb (acid absorbent & neutralizer). Also available for NiCd and Motive applications.

$337.00 - $464.00


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